Worship God Together

Thanks for joining us for our Sunday service!

Our Sunday Service provides the opportunity for people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds to come together in worshiping God and hearing His Word proclaimed.


We are glad to be meeting indoors together, even if it's not quite "back to normal."  Our 9am service is a Masks Required service and our 11am service is a Mask Recommended service. For more information please see our FAQs below.

Our indoor services are about an hour long and the congregation is seated inside the auditorium. The chairs are distanced and spread out in rows throughout the auditorium. Seating is first-come, first-serve so households can choose their own seats when arriving but we ask that you leave three empty chairs in between households. We welcome children in both services but Promise Kingdom is not open at this time. Parents should plan to keep their children with them in the service.

To register yourself or your household for the service, please click on the blue "Register" button. Then, select the number of people attending for the service time you wish to attend.
We will continue to livestream our 9:00am service in both English and Spanish.
If you have questions or issues registering, please call the church office at 610.361.0606 or email

9:00AM Service   11:00AM Service


Sunday Service Lyrics



Do I need to register beforehand in order to attend?

Yes. If you are planning to come to one of our indoor Sunday services, registration is required. Online registration is available on a first come, first serve basis. Once we reach our maximum capacity of attendees (400 people per service, which is only about 25% of our full capacity), we will not be able to take any more registrations for that service. 

Can I register on site?

No. We are asking everyone to register ahead of time so that we can be aware of the total attendance. Once a service is full, we will not be able to take any more registrations. If you are having trouble or unable to register online, please call the church office at 610.361.0606 or email and someone will assist you in reserving a seat. We will also have staff on site during the services for anyone who had difficulty registering.

What if I forgot to register? 

Registration will be open until maximum capacity has been reached. You can register at any time, even Sunday morning! 

Should I bring my registration confirmation with me?

Yes. Please have your registration confirmation email accessible when you arrive, either on your phone or printed, so that if there is confusion a staff member can help resolve it.

When can I arrive at the service?

You can arrive up to 15-minutes before the service starts. This allows our production teams and cleaning teams time to prepare for your arrival.  

When I arrive, how do I find my seat?

You can sit in the auditorium wherever there are un-occupied chairs. Please make sure to leave three empty seats between your household and any other households seated the row.


Do I have to wear a face mask?

For our 9:00am service, face masks are required whenever you are inside the building. For our 11:00am service, face masks are recommended but not required. It is our expectation that those not wearing masks do so for reasons related to health or personal conviction, not merely for reasons related to preference or comfort. It will be especially helpful for as many people as possible in the 11:00 service to wear face coverings to and from their seats and during the singing. However, please keep in mind that in the mask-recommended service, there will be some not wearing masks for legitimate reasons. We want all congregants to feel welcome, and it will be important that we avoid judging each other.   

What precautions are we taking for our indoor services? 

  • Our ushers will be greeting and opening the front doors to the church for those attending.  
  • Frequently touched surfaces like handrails, bathroom handles, and counters will be disinfected between services. To allow enough time for cleaning, please take fellowship outside after the service.
  • Communion will be served in individual pre-packaged form as we have been doing in our outdoor services.
  • The offering will be taken electronically or can be placed in the offering basket in the lobby. 
  • The water fountains will be turned off. Please bring your own water with you.

How will we promote social distancing during the service? 

  • Every other row of chairs has been removed from the auditorium in order to leave 6 feet between rows. 
  • We are asking that you register and confirm the attendance of your household at this link.
  • When you enter the auditorium, please find a set of seats to accommodate your household. Please leave 3 seats empty between each household to allow for social  distancing.
  • Please maintain 6 feet of social distance between households. At this time, we do not encourage families to socialize in the lobby before or after the service. If your children are restless, you may take them into the lobby but please make sure to maintain social distance between other families.

What should I do if I am sick? 

If you are running a fever or experiencing any cold or flu symptoms, please stay at home. 

What should I do if I become sick after attending a church service? 

If at any time you develop COVID-19 symptoms and/or test positive and have recently attended a church service, please contact the church office as soon as possible. ( or 610-361-0606). 


Will Children’s Ministry be open?

Children’s ministry will not be open at this time, but we welcome parents to bring their children to either service. 

Where can my kids go if they are restless?

We encourage parents to have their children sit with them in the auditorium for the service and we ask the rest of the church to accommodate and welcome the children of our church to join us in the auditorium!  However, if your children are restless, you may take them to the lobby or front lawn. Children may not be left unattended. Please maintain proper social distancing with others who may be in those areas.


Will the church notify others of possible exposure?

Yes. If we are informed that someone who attended one of our services has contracted COVID-19, we will inform those who attended the same service in a general way that there was potential exposure. 

What should I do if I have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19? 

Consider staying at home and self-monitoring for symptoms and get tested for COVID-19 if symptoms develop. 

When can I return to a church service after I have symptoms, or test positive, for COVID-19? 

You should not return until you have met the CDC criteria to return to public activity


What will the indoor service include?

The indoor service will follow our general liturgy and be about an hour in length. Children should sit with their parents as we will not be reopening children's ministry at this time.

Will there be communion?

Yes, we will have communion on select weeks and this will be noted on the registration page. Prepackaged communion elements will be distributed on those weeks.    

Can we use the lobby?

At this time, the lobby is not available for general seating and we do not encourage families to socialize in the lobby before or after the service. If your children are restless, you may take them into the lobby but please make sure to maintain social distance between other families.

Will there still be a livestream?

Yes! We will be live-streaming the 9:00am service only, in both English and Spanish.

Is translation available?

Yes! Our 9am service will be translated in Spanish. You can view the Spanish live stream at

Habrá traducción en vivo dentro de la iglesia a las 9AM. Recuerde conectarse al app Audio Fetch y al wifi de la iglesia y traer sus audífonos. De tener preguntas, informese en el Welcome Center en el medio del lobby central.