The Tapestry


Rage, laughter, doubt and belief weave together in the midst of an unexpected loss. When trust in God is low and pain turns you into someone you don’t recognize, the key to survival is learning how to weave together the impossible: the things you can’t understand and the sense of true peace. Based on a true story. Angie Sacks and her theater company will be performing a play called “The Tapestry” here in the main auditorium on Saturday, February 29th at 7:30pm. “The Tapestry” was written by Angie and is based on her story of becoming a widow, wrestling with God over His decision to allow that loss, leaning on unhealthy pain-coping mechanisms and learning how to find peace in the midst of unexplainable circumstances. It’s a story for not just those who know the pain of grief, but all those who know what it means to strive for faith in the midst of trials. Admission is free and all twelve and over are welcome to attend.