The ProLife Team is chartering a bus w/ 54 seat capacity to the 47th Annual March for Life in Washington, D.C on January 24th. Cost is $32 and space is limited due to the size of the bus.

Arrival time at Covenant Fellowship is no later than 7:15 am to ensure departure time of 7:30 am. The bus will be returning to Covenant Fellowship by 8:00 pm.  
You are able to bring bagged lunch/snacks for the bus ride (food is not provided). You are also able to bring a packed dinner but the bus will be making one stop where you purchase food. 

WHAT TO WEAR: Check the weather! It's January, so be prepared for cold & wet: wear layers, hat, gloves, and warm and comfortable walking shoes.
WHAT WE DO: Attend pre-march rally which begins w/ musical opening at 11:00 am followed by speakers. Beginning at 1 pm, March up Constitution Ave. to Supreme Court. End w/ a time of prayer in front of the Supreme Court before meeting the bus for departure. Brief 1/2 hour MD House rest stop to pick up food for home trip.
ITEMS PROVIDED: Water bottles. Hand Warmer Packs. Signs. Matching fleece scarves to identify our group in the large crowd.

Register here.

NOTE to Parents of minors: Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. No more than 4 students per adult chaperone. Parents, if you are unable to attend please be sure that you make these arrangements ahead of time. THE LEADERS CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR EXTRA YOUTH.