Married Couples Meeting


A Two-Part Series for Married Couples

Marriage is a glorious, God-created relationship that brings with it many blessings intermingled with many challenges. Anytime two people join in one flesh it gets crowded. It is in that crowded space that communication, intimacy, parenting, and discipleship must fit. There is at least one ingredient needed for all of it to work smoothly, and sadly, it is an ingredient many marriages have far too little of. That ingredient is forgiveness. 

  • Message #1:  "Forgiveness: Why Should I Forgive?"   (Tues, Oct. 16)
  • Message #2:  "Compassion: Where Grace and Forgiveness Meet" (Tues, March 5, 2019)

We will meet together from 7:30 - 9:00pm seeking to grow in the most crucial of areas, learning to extend to our spouse the very thing that Christ himself has extended to us. The potential for marriage-changing fruit is real. Come and discover how God may want to bless and equip your marriage.