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This page is provided by the pastors of Covenant Fellowship to help, encourage, and equip you through the current coronavirus crisis. It is primarily intended for the members of our church. Any expert opinions shared here will come only from experts or health organizations. (See “Information” tab.)

We stress the importance for each member to pray carefully through what they learn here and what they learn elsewhere. Some will be more inclined toward fear. Others will be more inclined toward believing the fervor is an overreaction. The truth is, none of us knows for certain. That is why we encourage you toward faith and toward humility. God alone knows the future. 
Brothers and sisters in the faith will respond differently to this crisis. We are called to love and care for one another, regardless of our own perspective on this virus. Remember, we have many in our church who are high risk, and many more who relate to those who are high risk. We each must follow the Lord’s leading in faith as best we can. His mercies are available to us, even in times like this.

As a way of caring for the church, the pastors are committed to praying for you through this crisis. Whether you are sick personally, find yourself in a high-risk category, or just desire prayer, use the Prayer Request button to submit any prayer requests you may have.
There are people in our church family who have already been financially impacted by these events. If you desire to give to help those in need, please select the "Benevolence Fund" button below. This will best position us to help those who are in need.

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